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Prior to forming Roaring40s, the team gained significant experience in the development of a number of wind farms in New Zealand, Australia and further afield.  The Key Experience list below describes the main areas of project development work that the Roaring40s team members managed, or provided direction on.  The Additional Experience list below describes a number of other areas that the Roaring40s team have been involved with in a development capacity. 


  • Site identification

  • Landowner negotiation

  • Wind measurements

  • Wind farm layout

  • Energy assessment

  • Noise assessment

  • Consenting

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Detailed design

  • Turbine procurement and contract negotiation

  • Tender documentation preparation

  • Performance enhancements

  • Operational assessment.


  • Transmission line route identification and easement acquisition. 

  • The NZ and Australian electricity markets and the drivers behind ‘gentailer’ decision making.

  • Consultation with iwi and an understanding of matters of importance to tangata whenua.   

  • Operational wind farm knowledge and experience in identifying and facilitating efficiency improvements.

  • Hydropower investigations including site identification, landowner negotiations, consenting, stakeholder engagement and concept design.

  • Providing strategic advice on renewable growth portfolio management.

Our experience: List

Our experience with nine operational wind farms in New Zealand (totalling 500MW)

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Our experience: Image

We also have in-depth experience associated with the investigation and development of wind farm projects in New Zealand totalling in excess of 2,000MW that have not yet been  constructed

Our experience: Text
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