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We can manage the entire development process from site identification through to construction business case preparation


We have created a model that identifies potential wind generation sites and their generation potential and also calculates the costs associated with the investigation, development, construction and operation phases, based on site specific information.  Sites can be ranked for their economic attractiveness and enable robust decision making to progress preferred sites through the development process. 

We will work with our clients to develop appropriate Investigation and Development agreements and negotiate these with the landowners of preferred sites. Our previous experience in this aspect of development is invaluable in ensuring that the land access agreements provide the appropriate flexibility and optionality to develop economically attractive projects.

Site Identification and Landowner Negoti


We have an advanced understanding of wind flow modelling software which we use to model wind patterns. We use this information to identify the optimal wind farm layouts in consideration of turbine type, topography, property boundary constraints and environmental constraints.

For sites with no existing wind data, we can generate a preliminary wind resource model by extrapolating data from nearby sources or by using satellite information. We can also identify targeted and cost-effective wind monitoring programmes to collect on-site data. We use this to confirm and improve the wind resource model to determine the optimal design. 

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We can manage the entire resource consent process to secure the rights to construct and operate wind farm projects. This includes devising the consent strategy and then leading multidisciplinary teams of civil, electrical and geotechnical engineering, planning and environmental experts to develop the most optimal project configuration.  We will then manage the assessment of effects (AEE) studies and the preparation of the resource consent application, the hearing process and the preparation and negotiation of appropriate conditions of consent.



We have significant experience in stakeholder engagement for both large and small projects. This includes the initial project shaping phase as well as the consenting and construction phases. We will identify all key stakeholders, prepare detailed stakeholder engagement strategies and manage the messaging, discussions and negotiations with project stakeholders in order to deliver desirable and appropriate project outcomes.

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We will manage the process of identifying the most optimal engineering design for the project within the bounds of the consent conditions. Changes to conditions of consent which provide additional value will be identified and managed through to approval.

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